2022 Jewell Taylor Fellowship: Nicole Wanago

  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Ph. D. Student
  • Texas Tech University
From Nicole, "The values, teachings, and practices of the Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) profession have informed my past, present, and future. My professional career began with leading the Take Charge Today (TCT) program focused on fostering youth financial capability and well-being by providing ready-to-teach, activity-based lesson plans and ongoing professional development for educators. Currently, I am the FCS Teacher Educator at Montana State University, committed to providing leadership to recruit and retain FCS educators and build interdisciplinary partnerships. I coordinated efforts to expand FCS education by creating a content-rich graduate program for added endorsement to address the national FCS teacher shortage. In addition, I provide career mentorship and coordinate internship placements among three undergraduate people-centered degree programs that result in 12,000+ annual hours of student experiential learning."