Member Recruitment Toolkit

A strong membership is key to building AAFCS and what we can do as an association! If you missed the April 29 Membership Townhall focusing on some of the
key elements of the Membership Recruitment Toolkit, watch the recording for free today!

Recruitment Toolkit

Developed by a cohort of the AAFCS Leadership Academy and funded by a Membership Growth Grant from AAFCS, this toolkit shares resources everyone can implement!

AAFCS encourages members join and renew online for record accuracy, payment security, and efficiency. 

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Learn More About the Toolkit from Barbara Stewart, CFCS:

Three great reasons to help grow AAFCS!


1. Building connections with like-minded people of similar interests can lead to great contentment in life. 

2. You'll create a stronger community of peers to collaborate with on professional, volunteer, and/or social pursuits.

3. Strengthen leadership skills transferable to your workplace/academic institution/community.