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The Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences editorial team appreciates that fellow colleagues are engaged with
scholarship that does not fall within identified themes, yet their research interests are very germane to the profession, and to AAFCS members. At any time, you are invited to submit papers that reflect your current FCS research initiative and that fit within FCS and the Body of Knowledge. The Editor maintains the right to place the accepted paper in the most appropriate issue.

Questions? Contact Managing Editor Debra Bass at dbass@aafcs.org

Vol. 111, Issue 4    Fall 2019
Manuscripts due:  April 4, 2019
Technology Is Changing Everyday Life

New technologies vary in their penetration into everyday living—some by choice of the consumer and household (to have/not to purchase a smart appliance; a keypad door entry); others by actions of the marketplace (remote monitoring of vital signs, self-check-in for your flight). Self-driving cars, 3-D printers, drones, automated robots, monitoring/tracking devices and systems, gene splicing—to name a few, are available and altering daily life. What choices are people making?  How is well-being improved? What are the issues—privacy, cost, personal and family time, freedom of choice, loss or gain of skills, gap of the haves and have-nots, need for policies?  How is FCS providing the voices of the individual and families as we experience evolution and revolution of technologies?

JFCS Legacy Series

Contribute to the recording of the profession’s history

Do you know a living FCS professional who could be considered a legacy builder?
Are you interested in researching the legacy of someone and writing an article
for publication in the JFCS?

In the Winter 2013 (Vol. 105, 1) issue of the JFCS, the first installment of the JFCS Legacy
Series was published; it featured Elizabeth G. “Bess” Haley. It was well-received and the
editors would like to line-up several more installments of the series. Interested in
researching/interviewing/writing about the legacy builders or know someone who should be
profiled in a future issue? Please send an email to Managing Editor Debra Bass at