Impact of the Economy on the Family: Strategies and Solutions

How Can I Get Involved?
What Resources Are Available?

Questions or Ideas? Contact Marilyn Swierk, CFCS, AAFCS past president, at or 727-729-6779. 


We hope that you have been continuing to take FCS skills and knowledge to the streets as an individual, within your AAFCS affiliate or community, or with an FCS allied organization. Some of you may be continuing your focus on obesity prevention through our newly developed community while others are poised to work on this new and very important topic. 

TIS has been working with the Community of FERM to provide you with useful resources. Please check the listings of exciting resources, including the ongoing 2013 Framework of Resources. It includes all-in-one resources, grants, and professional development. We need information on related training and PowerPoint presentations, grants, and best practices ideas from teachers for our curriculum section. Please submit any resources you might have to be considered for the framework. Visit

We will soon be adding information on related research and will be urging you to submit information in this area as well.

Note: TIS is a Community that empowers members and partners to act on a current issue of concern as a profession within the same time frame, bringing visibility to the profession and putting related resources all in one place.

Questions? Suggestions? Interested in involvement this year and/or in the proposed community? Contact Marilyn Swierk at, or Mary Behrendt at

How Can I Get Involved?

What Resources Are Available?

Slides from "Resourcefulne$$ Part 2: Creative Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Lifestyles" at 2014 Annual Conference

Project Ideas Sheet

Community of Family Economics & Resource Management Sessions at the 2014 Annual Conference

Agricultural Act of 2014 by the AAFCS Public Policy Committee

AAFCS 104th Annual Conference Workshop Presentation: "Resourcefulne$$: Embracing the New Frugality in Tough Times"

"Taking It to the Streets" 2012-13 Overview Slide Presentation

Online financial education resources from Barbara O'Neill, chair-elect of the Community of Family Economics and Resource Management

2013 Framework of Resources (resources listed by category)

Secondary Education Resources

Know Your Debt Limits Decision Making Activity from Lois Lewis, 2012 AAFCS Teacher of the Year

Savings Reinforcement Activity/Simulation from from Lois Lewis, 2012 AAFCS Teacher of the Year

My Life at 25 Activity from Julie Mundahl