Member Recruitment Toolkit

A strong membership is key to building AAFCS and what we can do as an association! If you missed the April 29 Membership Townhall focusing on some of the
key elements of the Membership Recruitment Toolkit, watch the recording for free today!

Sharing the stories of AAFCS!

We love to curate "My AAFCS" stories about how AAFCS membership and involvement has helped people. Capture a brief, 30 to 45-second video from a member - maybe it's yourself!

Here are some recommended steps for planning what you're going to say:

  1.  Start with, “Hi, I’m [name], [job title], and this is My AAFCS story.”
  2. “I’ve been a member for X years, and I learned about AAFCS from…”
  3. “AAFCS membership has helped me…”
  4. Find a quiet, uncluttered space with good lighting to record the video.
  5. Ask a colleague or friend to record for you or use a webcam.
  6. When done, email it to (for posting to AAFCS YouTube), or share it publicly to social media using #AAFCS and #FCSsuccess.

Learn More About the Toolkit from Barbara Stewart, CFCS:

Three great reasons to help grow AAFCS!

  1. Building connections with like-minded people of similar interests can lead to great contentment in life. 
  2. You'll create a stronger community of peers to collaborate with on professional, volunteer, and/or social pursuits.
  3. Strengthen leadership skills transferable to your workplace/academic institution/community.