AAFCS Committees

Awards and Recognition Committee

Landon Calderwood, Iowa, Chair
Heidi Radunovich, Florida, Recorder
Meilana Charles, Oregon 

Barbara Scully, Washington 
Derrick Fogg, North Carolina
Toni Wiese, Staff Liaison 

2023 Annual Conference Local Advisory Committee (ACLAC)

Beverly Card, Maryland
Christina DeSimone, Maryland
Jacqueline Holland, Maryland
Glenda Lindsey, Maryland

Mia Russell, Maryland
Grace Namwamba, Maryland
Sandra Andrade, Staff Liaison

Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee (2021-2022)

Dr. Liz Mullens, Tennessee, AAFCS Past President, Board of Directors
Dr. Lorna Wounded Head, South Dakota, AAFCS Board Member
Don Bower, Georgia, Past President, AAFCS Board of Directors
Dr. Cara Simmons, Georgic, AAFCS Affiliate President
Nancy Bock, Staff Liaison

Finance Committee (2022-2023)

Lorna Wounded Head, South Dakota, President, AAFCS Board of Directors
Debbie Handy, Washington, AAFCS Treasurer and Committee Chair
Wendy Ambrose, Minnesota, Member at Large
Mia Russell, Maryland, Past Treasurer
Nancy Bock, AAFCS Executive Director

Nominating Committee (2022-2023)

Gregg McCullough, Ohio
Cynthia Miller, CFCS, Texas 
Anne Pitts, CFCS, Kansas
Hannah Ruth Upole, Tennessee
LaToya Nikkole Johnson, South Carolina
Nancy Bock, Staff Liaison