Recorded Webinar: Building Youth Resiliency | Opportunities and Challenges

About the Presenter

Michelle Krehbiel, Ph.D., is a youth development specialist and associate professor at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln Extension 4-H Youth Development. Her work focuses on creating positive youth development environments in out-of-school and informal education settings. She provides professional development training to 4-H Youth Development professionals, afterschool workers, and 4-H volunteers throughout Nebraska and the nation. Other programming and research efforts include: promoting positive physical and mental health habits in youth, working with diverse youth populations, training teens as teachers, and conducting alternative program evaluation. Dr. Krehbiel served on American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Michelle received her B.S. in Home Economics Education from Bethel College, North Newton, KS and M.S. and Ph.D. from Kansas State University in Family Studies and Human Services.

About the Session

A worldwide pandemic, school violence, consumption of social media, social injustices, and pressures to succeed are just some of the issues youth experience today. According to the CDC, 6.3 million children and youth (ages 3-17) in the U.S. have diagnosed depression and anxiety. As family & consumer sciences professionals the question is, how do we teach young people to cope with today’s issues and develop resiliency or the ability to “bounce back” when they face adversity? This webinar will define resiliency, identify elements of resiliency, and discuss ways to help build resiliency skills in young people.


  • Define resiliency.
  • Identify the seven elements of resiliency.
  • Discuss how to develop resiliency in young people.
  • Explore cultural issues that impact youth’s social emotional health and coping skills.

Professional Development Unit (PDU):  1 CFCS