Award Recipients

2020 Recipients

Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Carolyn Barnhart, CFCS of Wisconsin
Jacqueline Holland, CFCS-HDFS of Maryland
Elizabeth Jane Steiner, CFCS-Retired of Indiana
Virginia Vincenti, CFCS of Wyoming

National Teacher of the Year (TOY) Kayla Correll, CFCS of Wisconsin

Merit Finalists:
Gracie Quarles, CFCS of Virginia
Louise Tallent, CFCS of Indiana
Lisa Tapper, CFCS of Iowa

New Achiever Award Ivy Odom of Georgia
Anne Pitts, CFCS of Kansas
Hannah Upole of Tennessee

Leader Award Gayla Randel, CFCS of Kansas
Ida Marie Snorteland, CFCS-Retired, of South Dakota
Carol Werhan of Indiana

Student Scholars Sadie Hooker, University of WI-Stevens Point - Jewell L. Taylor Scholarship
Taylor Newman, Univ. of Georgia - Jewell L. Taylor Fellowship
Jiaxiu Song, University of Texas Austin - Ethel Parker International Fellowship
Sukyung Seo, University of North Carolina - Elizabeth Williams International Award
Jingchen Zhang, University of Minnesota - Helen Strow International Fellowship

2019 Recipients

Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Valerie L. Giddings, CFCS of North Carolina
Janelle M. Walter, CFCS of Texas
Margaret Viebrock, CNWE, CFCS, of Washington
Sally J. Yahnke of Kansas
National Teacher of the Year (TOY) Heather Jones, CFCS of Virginia

Merit Finalists:
Renee Sigmon of Indiana
Jenna Black of Georgia
New Achiever Award Cassy Dalbom, Kansas ~ Kaylee Ann Wiens, Minnesota
Julie Martin, Wisconsin ~ Amanda Matdies, Montana
Leader Award Cindy Quilling, Wisconsin ~ Jeong-Ju “Jay” Yoo, Texas
Student Scholars Emily Leerhoff, Iowa State Univ. - Jewell L. Taylor Scholarship
Robert Van Dyke, Texas Tech Univ. - Jewell L. Taylor Fellowship
Annamarie Sisson, Kansas State Univ. - Margaret Terrell Fellowship
Farin Bakhtiari, The University of Texas at Austin - Myrna P. Crabtree Professional Development Scholarship
Jessica Parks, University of Georgia - Myrna P. Crabtree Professional Development Scholarship

2018 Recipients

Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Jan S. Bowers, CFCS of New York
Gay Nell McGinnis, CFCS-Retired of Texas
National Teacher of the Year (TOY) Jenny Watson, CFCS of North  Carolina
Merit Finalists:
Camelle Kinney of Nebraska  
Karen Roberts of Virginia
New Achiever Award Ashley Emma Nelson of Minnesota
Sarah Jill Puddy of Wisconsin
Leader Award Alyson L. McIntyre-Reiger, CFCS of Indiana
Deborah Sullivan of Ohio
Marilyn Swiontek, CFCS of Wisconsin
Wiley Berger Award for Volunteer Service June Thomas, CFCS of Georgia

Jewell Taylor Undergraduate Scholarship Kennedy Navis of University of Wisconsin Stout
Jewell Taylor Graduate Fellowship Dawn Michaelson of Auburn University
International Flemmie D. Kittrell Graduate Fellowship Shanting Chen of University of Texas-Austin
Excellence in Extension Grant Joan Koonce, CPFFE of University of Georgia
Centennial Scholars Research Grant Karen K. Melton and Nicole McAninch of Baylor University
Chalkley-Fenn Public Policy Award Gayla Randel, CFCS of Kansas
A historical list of the AAFCS Distinguished Service Award Honorees may be viewed here. For a more comprehensive history of recipients of AAFCS awards, grants, fellowships, or scholarships, please contact

2017 Recipients

Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Mary Turner Gilliland
Ethel Jones, CFCS
Carol Kellett
National Teacher of the Year (TOY) Brenda Osman, Indiana

Merit Finalists:
Kimberly Baldwin, CFCS, Colorado
Melody Weatherford, CNWE, South Carolina
New Achiever Award Meilana Charles, CFCS-HDFS, Texas/Washington
Esther Aloia, Pennsylvania
Leader Award Barbara George, CFCS, Wisconsin
Susan Turgeson, CFCS, Wisconsin
Melinda Swafford, Tennessee
Graduate Fellowships Rachel Schichtl, CFCS, Texas Tech University
Jewel Taylor Fellowship
Undergraduate Scholarships Faith Dalton, Purdue University
Jewell Taylor Scholarship

2016 Recipients

View our 2016 Awardee page, here.