Emerging Scholar Award

FCSRJ Emerging Scholar Award

The purpose of the FCSRJ Emerging Scholar Award is to recognize new scholars in family and consumer sciences. The award was established in 2010.

The selection procedure is as follows:

  • At the end of each calendar year, the Editor compiles a list of all of the articles published in the four issues of the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal (FCSRJ). 
  • To be considered for the Emerging Scholar Award, the first author of the article must be a tenure track Assistant Professor at the time the article was selected for publication.
  • Next the Editor will select a committee from the Editorial Board members and the Associate Editors (AE). If the article is from a discipline that the Associate Editor represents, he or she is not eligible to serve on the Selection Committee and the Editor will find another AE to serve on the committee.
  • The Selection Committee is asked to consider these criteria: the research topic should be original, the research design and methodology should reflect high standards, and the article should have the potential to make a lasting contribution to family and consumer sciences.
  • The Selection Committee reserves the right not to bestow the award on an annual basis.
  • After a selection is made by the committee, the Editor will invite the winner to attend the Annual Conference of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) and to present a summary of his or her article. The presentation will take place with the presentations by the Best Paper and Outstanding Paper winners.

The winner will receive a plaque and $150 in publications of their choice from Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. The Emerging Scholar will receive a complimentary one-day registration to attend the AAFCS Annual Conference and present the article. Additionally, the Emerging Scholar will receive a one-year complimentary AAFCS membership and FCSRJ subscription. 

FCSRJ Emerging Scholar Award (Initiated in 2010)

2016:  Carrie L. Johnson for Perceived Value of College as an Investment in Human and Social Capital: Views of Generations X and Y 
2015: Brandon K. Burr for How do Time and Vocational Stress Influence Attitudes toward Relationship Education?

2014: Melissa Wilmarth for Financial Wellness and Relationship Satisfaction: Does Communication Mediate?

2013: Jiyun Kang for What Are Consumers Afraid of? Understanding Perceived Risk in the Consumption of Environmentally Sustainable Apparel

2012: Tansel Yilmazer for The Role of Lending Practices on the Foreclosure Crisis: Evidence from Indiana and Ohio

2011: Jiyun Kang for Social Shopping for Fashion: Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Scale

2010: Robert B. Nielsen for Food Insecurity and Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditures: Competing Basic Needs

For more information, please contact FCSRJ Editor Sharon A. DeVaney at sdevaney@purdue.edu.

2016 Emerging Scholar

Emerging Scholar:  Carrie L. Johnson
Title: Perceived Value of College as an Investment in Human and Social Capital: Views of Generations X and Y
Authors: Carrie L. Johnson (Presenter),  Michael Gutter, Yilan Xu, Soo Hyun Cho, and Sharon DeVaney
Issue: Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 45(2), pages 193-207